Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fairfield Ceilings

This is the start of some of my ceilings for the Fairfield. I really love all the detail that is going into this house. Below is the work I have been doing on the dining room ceiling. I made a grid on the ceiling and then took different widths of balsa wood to create the depth or vaulted ceiling look. I also took a jewelry finding and painted it to create the ceiling medallion.

Dining Room Ceiling

The next picture shows the ceiling painted. Once the house is assembled I will add the final molding to the outer edge.

Painted Ceiling

The next ceiling I have been working on is the parlor ceiling. I decided to paper this ceiling as many Victorian homes had this look. I also used another one of the jewelry findings as a center medallion. I will be adding other molding to the ceiling and then final crown molding once the house is together. Below is a picture of what I have done with it so far. I have not glued the medallion in place yet.

Parlor Ceiling the beginning

The other ceiling I have been thinking about is the kitchen ceiling. On this one I want to make it look like a tin ceiling. I found a plastic houseworks embossed sheet with a small design. I plan on using cooper paint to paint it to look like a tin ceiling.

"Tin Ceiling"
The last ceilings, bedroom, library, hallways, and bathroom will be decorated using an embossed ceiling paper in half inch scale.

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