Monday, May 23, 2011

Four Fireplaces for the Fairfield

The Fairfield has four fireplaces! I have been doing some work on them. I plan on having all four working. I have bought the flickering kit for them as well. For the inserts I bought the phoenix model arched fireplace.
Fireplace Kit
The kit above come unpainted. I have painted the kit black. I had to do a modification the the fireplace insert on the Fairfield. The fireplace openings are square and the kits I bought are arched so I took a scrap piece of the wood and created a filler see picture below.
Filler arch
I also added some "bricks" to the fireplace. The "bricks" are a latex sheet that can be cut to size. The lights in the picture aren't really going to be upside down LOL. I'm using the fireplace to hide the wires. The lights will be sitting the right way up on the mantel. The mantels for the fireplace I made myself. I made 2 walnut ones and 2 painted ones.
Painted Mantel

Walnut mantel
For the mantels I used some 1" scale components and molding. I stained 2 of them using the same stain I used for the staircase treads, the other 2 I painted the same paint that I used on the staircase. The picture below shows how the whole fireplace will look once its together.
Sample of how things will look     
I really like how this gives a dimensional look to the fireplaces. I still have a lot to do! I have four fireplaces to work on! Now for more painting, wallpapering, and gluing LOL.

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