Monday, May 16, 2011

Design decisions...

Much thought is going into the designing phase of this project. My first biggest decision was whether or not I should electrify my house. I love the way that lighting makes it even more special and detailed. I did a lot of back and forth on tape wire verses round wire. In other 1" scale houses that I've done I have used the tape wire. Tape wire is easy to use but I have had trouble with it bumping up under my wallpaper. I'm a bit of a perfectionist! So my final decision is round wire. In the Fairfield the fireplace cavity is open right through the middle of the house. I'm going to use this to hide the wires.
Going with the Victorian feel I have purchased the following lights for my house:
1 Brass Carriage Lamp - for the exterior by the front door
5 Candlestick Lights - for the fireplace mantels (2 for parlor fireplace, 2 for dining room fireplace, and 1 for the bedroom fireplace)
5 Frosted Shade Oil Lamps (1 for parlor, 1 for entry hall, 1 for library, 1 for bedroom, and 1 for upstairs hall way)
1 Picture Lamp - for the library (above the fireplace with a picture below it)
2 Hex-shade Sconces - for the library (either side of the fireplace)
1 Round Globe Wall Sconce - for the bathroom
1 Six Candle Chandelier - for the dining room
1 Four Candle Chandelier - for the kitchen
1 Three Arm Globe Chandelier - for the parlor
3 Round Globe Ceiling Lights (1 for the secret tower room, 1 for bathroom, and 1 for upstairs hallway)
Lastly I bought kits for the fireplaces so that they will be lit and flickering.
All the lights are by Houseworks. 
Lighting Selections


  1. hi
    I look forward to seeing you decorate your Victorian House, I too have Victorian House that I from time to time work on and like you can be a perfectionist, in my kitchen I have a small silver hedgehog to eat the fleas, happy blogging

  2. It'll be fun to see what you do. Love to watch someone's decorating project!
    Chris Verstraete
    In Miniature Style II - minis, projects, profiles, 1/2" and 1" scale.

  3. Love your light selection, I may have "borrow" your list when placing my order LOL Thanks!