Friday, May 20, 2011

Windows for the Fairfield

I purchased houseworks windows for my Fairfield. The windows needed some modification as I explain below.
Traditional non-working window
The houseworks windows are quite thick as compared to the plywood walls of the house. Even when I add the siding to the exterior the windows will stick into the house and will not be flush with the walls. To remedy this I decided to sand down the windows to the depth that I needed. This was time consuming but worth it to have the windows flush. Now the interior molding will sit nicely and finish the windows off on the inside of the house. Since I'm going with the Victorian theme I could just leave the windows this plain......

Modification of the houseworks windows
Plain Window Primed
Added Mullions

I took the mullions that came with the windows and I used them to create the look I was going for. The small pieces were a challenge to cut and glue! I had 10 windows to do this too! Once assembled I gave them a final coat of paint.
Window with Mullions
Completed Window


  1. I know you've already done the sanding work, but you could(next time) put a piece of mullions inbetween the window and the siding to help make up the width difference... :)

  2. Thanks Pebbles. I thought of that too but I wanted to make sure that the siding is nice and secure on the shell of the house.

  3. I really love all the work and details you put into your Fairfield. These windows are just one of the many things I love about it!