Sunday, June 12, 2011

Worked on the Library Walls today

I spent a lot of time working on the Library walls today. I did some papering and installed some lighting.
Lights installed in the Library
 After all the work I just had to see how some of the items I've been collecting will look in the room!

I think that I'm going to add a walnut bead board to the bottom half of the walls. I really want the library to look nice and rich. The bead board will also give it more of an old Victorian look. I also still have to install the flooring. I'm putting walnut hard wood floors on this level which is the same as the downstairs.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walls are going up

I have started to glue some of the walls in place. I have been carefully planning the lighting and running wires. I'm using the fireplace cavity to hide most of the wires.
Some of the walls are secured
Walls going up
Hiding the wires
I can't wait to work on the crown molding and baseboard. It will help to finish off the edges and hide and imperfections! Oh in the pictures you can see the houseworks doors that I stained in walnut. I also added brass door knobs. I actually took the doors out of the frames and made my own. I wanted to use different interior trim than the trim that the doors came with. Another reason why I did this was because the door frames are a little to thick for the plywood walls. I wanted everything to fit nice and flush.
Door before trim