Friday, August 5, 2011

Parlor Ceiling

Its been a while since I've posted an update on my Fairfield. Summer is always busy and since its so short in New Hampshire I do everything I can to get out and enjoy it. What I have had time to do is to work a bit on the parlor ceiling. In the parlor I decided to paper the ceiling. I then added extra details by cutting some other papers to create an edge and four squares in the corners.

Parlor Ceiling

I also added trim to create some depth to the ceiling. I'm debating whether it needs just a little bit more detail. I haven't decided what that might be yet.

Trim added

The baseboard is also almost all done in the parlor. Next I will have to finalize the fireplace mantel and glue it in place.

Look the light works! Thank goodness!
Lots of finish work still to do to cover the edges!
Bespaq Piano
 I love the picture above! The Bespaq Piano looks great in this parlor. I'm going to be making curtains for the windows. They will be rich, elegant and totally Victorian. Still tons to do! I love this little house!