Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bead board in Fairfield Library

In an earlier post about the Fairfield Library I had mentioned that I was considering adding bead board to the walls. Well I decided to go for it. It has really dressed it up and added even more interest.

Stained Pieces
I started by prepping the pieces. I used the same walnut stain that I had used to make the walnut mantels. I used two coats of stain.
Bead board is in place and I've started adding the molding.
The pieces around the fireplace were a bit difficult so I decided to cut them and then glue these pieces together before installing them. It made the process a lot easier. No matter how hard you try it seems that the rooms are never perfectly square. You just have to find a happy medium.
Completed Molding
The fireplace is taking shape. I still need to do some touch up and to add the hearth. I have to paint the pieces and decide if I'm going to do a brick hearth on leave the wood showing.
Feels great to make more progress on this house. I can't wait to get everything finished. Who am I kidding we are never truly finished! LOL


  1. Question: where did you get the bead board panels?? Thanks!

  2. It looks wonderful! What did you use for the Wainscoting?