Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

I was able to spend a lot of time on the Fairfield today. I worked on all sorts of different areas. I started by putting together a House of Miniatures mirror kit. The kit is actually 1" scale. These kits are not made anymore. You can find a lot available on ebay. They're really easy to put together and finish nicely.
House of Miniatures Kit

The mirror seemed a bit big in its original configuration so I turned it on its side. I changed were the trim pieces went. Now it fits nicely above my fireplace in the parlor. It does look quite grand!
I used the same stain and mantel so that it matches

Today I also worked on painting the embossed plastic ceiling sheet for the kitchen. I first cut the pieces to size.
Main kitchen piece and bay window piece

Next I painted the pieces with a copper leaf paint. The paint went on really easily. To protect the paint since I was concerned with chipping I put on a coat of mod podge to seal it.

I love how this turned out. It really makes it look like an authentic tin ceiling. Next in the kitchen I have to decide what I'm going to do with the walls. Most of the wall space is going to be covered with my cabinets.

I also finished wallpapering the master bedroom and installed the hardwood flooring.

To finish off the day I spent sometime working on the upstairs hallway and bathroom. I figured out how I'm going to do the railings at the top of the stairs. The below picture is just a dry fit. I still need to paint and stain the balusters. After staring at the picture below for a while I'm not sure that I need the set of railings that go against the wall. It looks like its too much. What do you think?

I also cut the hardwood flooring for the hallway and the "tile" bathroom flooring. I feel very accomplish today with everything that I got done. It was great to have an all out mini day!


  1. wow...you did get a lot done! it's looking great! I love the copper ceiling!

  2. I bought one of those plastic sheets this summer, but haven't used it yet...it looks great in copper. The mirror looks grand, too.

    You're right, you don't need the railing agains the wall, it looks odd. I love the wallpaper in the hallway.

    The house is turning out great :)

  3. I love the progress you are making. Everything looks so nice.

    Your right - I didn't notice until you pointed it out, but I don't think you need the railing along the wall.

  4. I would take out the railing along the wall. It will be more streamlined and less distracting to the rest of that beautiful space.

    Inspiring work you have here. After I finish my current project (refurbishing an unfinished house made about 35 years ago) I may have to do the Fairfield. Though I've had my eye on a lighthouse as well...decisions decisions.

  5. What size, exactly, is half-scale, please?