Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fairfield Entry Way Work

I decided to do some work on the entry way to the Fairfield. This tight little spot is certainly challenging. I have closed off the second door that leads to the kitchen. The kitchen in the Fairfield is pretty small and I needed the wall space. I also added a window.
Closed off Kitchen exterior door
Adding additional window to small entry way
Completed window
Adding the window has helped to brighten the hallway and has added another view. Looking through the window you will be able to see the staircase and right into the parlor. I'm really happy that I made this modification.
Window lets in lots of light
So that I can get my hands in the tight space for wallpapering I did glue just the bottom half of some the the walls. Now they are in place I have wallpapered and put in embossed ceiling paper. The ceiling paper comes as bright white. I painted it the trim color so that it will blend in with the moldings. I'm going to do as much of the trim as possible in this hallway, crown molding and window trim. I'm also going to cut all the of the baseboard to size but wait on installing until the walls are glued to the base. Just in case I need to hide any imperfections.

Window trim and baseboard not glued yet
The front door of the Fairfield is very important. Again because this is such a small space I wanted to make sure that you can see into this room. I did a little modification to the houseworks Victorian door. I loved the feel and look of the Victorian door but it really closes off the space so I actually combined two doors. I took the houseworks oval door out of its door frame and placed it in the Victorian door frame.

I started with these two doors
Took the doors apart
This is how the completed door will look
I did run into a catch with this though. The oval door is quite a bit narrower than the Victorian door. I had to take some balsa wood to fill in the gap. Next I will have to decide what color I will paint it.

Added balsa to fill the gap
For lighting in the hallway I'm going to have a hurricane lamp on a table. The wiring for the light will run under the house.

Now that the entry way is complete (for the most part) the stairs need to be permanently placed.


  1. The added window looks great! Your blog is giving me so many ideas to try on my own Fairfield.

  2. I love this and your modifications!

  3. The window in the entry looks fantastic. I contemplated doing that with my Fairfield but decided not to. I should have!